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Venue of the Conference: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Building K, I. 66. 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3-9., Hungary

20th April, 2011



The language of the Conference is Hungarian




The conference is organised within the framework of, and support from, the EnSURE - Energy Savings in Urban Quarters through Rehabilitation and New Ways of Energy Supply – project funded by Central Europe Programme of the European Union




Energic City




Attractive and healthy urban environment, climate change and management of energy consumption belong to the most important questions on global and national scale and they represent closely interconnected topics on household, district and urban level, and are of strategic magnitude. Nonetheless, although distinguished experts work within all the three fields all over Europe on national or project scale, methods and means of effective, integrated improvement on district, town or regional levels have not been systematised.

Researches and activities on these fields meet in the Department of Sociology and Communication at Budapest University of Technology and Economics from two directions.

The EnSURE – Energy Savings in Urban Quarters through Rehabilitation and New Ways of Energy Supply – project within the Central Europe Programme of the European Union where among the thirteen the University and the Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre are partners and members of the Scientific Support Team is an attempt at filling the void on urban level. The project aims at offering illuminating approaches and experiences to a wider audience of experts and professionals in the municipal, scientific and educational communities. The Research University Programme “Sustainable Energetics” aims at integrating the research activities related to energetics, building up a knowledge base on current energy policy and thus contributing to efficient energy supply inciting sustainable development.

In the first session of the conference, experts from various fields of urban management and administration share their opinion about the present situation and possible and feasible changes and members of CSSDS will give an account on the stance and preliminary results of the researches within the EnSURE project. The topics will further be elaborated in a round table with further experts of the related fields.

As education, of and research activities in, urban development, climate protection and energy management are not adequately integrated in higher education in Hungary, the second session of the conference will bring together professionals in urban studies from various universities in an informal colloquy that will seek possible forms of collaboration and further steps.


Centre for Socio-Spatial Development Studies was founded in 2009 at the Department of Sociology and Communication at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to converge professional activities concerning the society and its spatial aspect. The Centre and the Department is a project partner in EnSURE project since May, 2010 and joined the Research University programme in the same year.





9:40 Welcome Address
Dr Gábor Péceli
Rector, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
9:50 Opening Address
Dr József Mészáros
Senior Lecturer, Head of CSSDS; Director-General, Central Administration of National Pension Insurance
10:00 Energy Awareness in Urban Development
Dr Péter Szaló
Research Fellow, CSSDS; Deputy State Secretary for Area Management and Construction, Ministry of Interior
10:15 Energy Policy and Urban Development
János Bencsik
State Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, Ministry of National Development
10:45 Urban Development, Energetic Urban Renewal and Climatic Adaptation Strategies
Dr János Brenner
Honorary Professor, CSSDS; Baudirektor, German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development
11:00 Energy Aware Municipality – Óbuda
Eleonóra Schindler-Kormos
Head of the Urban Planning and Project Preparation Office of Óbuda-Békásmegyer Municipality
11:15 Energy Aware Transport Development in Budapest
Dávid Vitézy
CEO, Budapest Transport Centre
11:30 Energy Aware Urban Development from the point of view of the Users – Experiences drawn in Óbuda from the Research Results of EnSURE and Sustainable Energetics projects
Dr Annamária Orbán – Dr Béla Janky
Senior Lecturers, CSSDS
11:45 Coffee Break
11:55 Sustainable Energetics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Round Table

Moderated by Richárd Ongjerth, Research Fellow, CSSDS; Managing Director, Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre
Dr Tamás Pálvölgyi – Senior Lecturer, Department of Environmental Economics
Dr Dietmar Meyer – Professor, Head of Department of Economics
Dr Gyula Gróf – Senior Lecturer, Head of Department of Energy Engineering; Head of Sustainable Energetics Research Project
Dr György Andor – Senior Lecturer, Head of Department of Finance
Dr László Kakassy – Lecturer, Department of Construction Technology

13:00 Buffet Lunch
14:00 Energetic City in Urban Studies – Round Table and Forum
Opening Address: Dr Péter Szaló
16:00 Closing buffet